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The MADness of Roger Ebert

The MADness of Roger Ebert

More March MODOKness


Rating the Martian Rater

This may not fit into the normal purview of this site, but it regards something written by Lore Sj√∂berg who…

March Oddities of a Decidedly Other Kind

March Oddities of a Decidedly Other Kind

Marvel Can’t Give It All Away

The Good News: at SXSW, Marvel announced a limited-time opportunity to get FREE digital “#1” issues of… well, damn near…

Fab Or Fantastic?

My weakness for mixes and mashups means my favorite feature of the Comic Book Resources site has to be “The…

In Which We Learn That Amazon Princesses Are Not Kosher

Think “Spider Pig” in the Simpsons Movie was ridiculous? Well, in a 2004 episode of “Justice League Unlimited”, Wonder Woman…

A Mickey Marvel Operation

Yes, I am late to the party that I pushed the premiere of this blog specifically to do. Real life…

A Marvel-ous Place to Re-start

When I decided to resurrect the Funny Paperless blog, I knew I wanted to expand its scope from just Webcomics…

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