Month: March 2013

Marvel Can’t Give It All Away

The Good News: at SXSW, Marvel announced a limited-time opportunity to get FREE digital “#1” issues of… well, damn near…

A ‘Lyric Video’ About Lyric Videos

Tom Scott uses Kinteic Typograpy to do a two-minute ‘history’ of the marriage of Kinetic Typography and Pop Music: Lyric…

A Wegman Dog-Gone GIF

William Wegman has been doing fun, cute and weird things with Weimaraners then photographing them for, well, longer than a…

Strip Search Continues (without my permission) UPDATED

The second and third semi-episodes of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search are available for viewing and I, as a service to…

Fab Or Fantastic?

My weakness for mixes and mashups means my favorite feature of the Comic Book Resources site has to be “The…

Madness, I Call It Gladness Updated and Re-Updated

Enjoying the Basketball-Free March Madness

Where Gravity Falls The Legend of Grunkle Waldo

Of Gravity and Hoppity, Grunkles and Uncles

Strip Search? Not the show I’m searching for.

It has always been the purpose of this site to celebrate the best – or at least the pretty good…

Going Holly-Achewood

Hooray for Holly-Achewood

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