If you ever thought comic books were the only ones to “retcon*”, here’s an example that even Charles Schulz did it in “Peanuts”, via a 1960-something ‘Classic Peanuts’ strip that re-ran recently.
But wait a minute! What about Spike?
And Andy and Olaf and Belle and Marbles and Molly and Rover, all his other siblings from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm? It’s hard to explain what was going through Snoopy’s canine mind at the time. Could it be that he, like his hiphop namesake, used certain substances? It was during that same period that, as a punchline, he defiantly declared “I ain’t no beagle!”

Still, it’s good to know that someone has taken all the bits and pieces from various strips to assemble The Complete Text of Snoopy’s Novel. I don’t usually weblish spoilers, but I have to say that the final line, “More importantly, he had learned about life,” is a thought I’ve kept with me to this day.

*Retcon: ‘Retroactive continuity’, deliberately changing previously established facts in a work of serial fiction.