I wanted to continue my series about webcomic quotes that are just as funny out of context (begun here with the D. Sweeties), with some Questionable Context from Questionable Content, always a source of ironic repartee. But I was surprised how most of the funniest lines were really context-driven, even if they appeared non-sequitorial. Still, some do successfully stand alone.

Bachelor’s degrees make pretty good placemats if you get ’em laminated.

If there’s one thing Stephen King stories have taught me, it’s that trucks are just waiting for the right moment to overthrow our civilization.

I’ve tried reading the Bible a bunch of times, but I always get bored and skip to Revelations.

Ah, but Faye’s therapist had a truly wonderful-in-an-awful-way last word in the Feb.1st strip, albeit way too long to become a t-shirt:

“Just go out and bang some dude” is one of those phrases you will never hear a psychiatrist say. Other such phrases include “I think the heroin is doing you a lot of good,” and “jesus, no WONDER your mother never loved you.”

Meanwhile, back at Dieselville, Stevens pats himself on the back on coming up with a rather obvious phrase that apparently had never been used before on the Web. “Necessity is the invention of Your Mother.” Now let’s see how long until this shows up as #2 for that search.