Straub has gone and done it. He created a Flash Time Friends customizer so that just about anybody can make their own Time Friends gag. The possibilities are endless… and frankly, quite frightening. Can you imagine what TF gags could be created by everyday webfolk who are even lamer than I am? (Yes, they exist… what, you never been to Fark?) I guess Mr. Straub doesn’t understand the concept of “non-proliferation” (or maybe he has financed his webcomics empire by selling plutonium to Kim Jong Il).
So, as a public service, I have created a Time Friends Killer. It is basically, the inevitable and irrevocable conclusion to the Time Friends Saga… the Time Friends Series Finale, you might say…


You will all thank me for this someday.

UPDATE: Okay, I lied… these things are addictive!