It made me mucho happy when webcomickers Kris Straub and R. Stevens wrote comments for this third-rate D-list part-time comics blog, but nothing compared to the honor of getting dissed by a professional newspaper comic strip creator, at least one who was in the papers before Stevens and his Sweeties. Disclaimer: this may not actually be Scott Nickel, co-perpetrator of “Triple Take”, since the email address shown is on every Triple Take comic. But I really hope it is.

Well, you’re no “Josh.” But keep it up. Maybe you’ll eventually be only sort of unfunny.

Now, I could comment that being “only sort of unfunny” is the standard for newspaper comics these days, but I won’t.

Instead, let me offer some of my favorite Triple Takes from the weeks since the offending “Snakes on a Plane”. (And I was dead serious when I wrote that, allowing for normal comic strip lead times, there was no excuse for SoaP jokes after it became clear that the movie had bombed) Since the whole premise of the comic is ‘three times the punchlines’, I have “edited” the content of any strip where only two of the three jokes really worked.




In this one, the “Blue Man Group” was barely passing but Margaret Thatcher raised the LOL level of everything.

In this one, the premise carried it, but I thought the actual lines could’ve been punchier…
Come on, using “Tickle” as an alternative to “Kill”? Besides, you get the comic benefit of alliteration in “Punch a Pelican”, and everything’s funnier with a flamingo!

If Mr. Nickel or Mr. Clark, see this, I hope you’ll take this for what it is: a totally unsolicited attempt at constructive criticism from someone whose only qualification is having spent the $15 for “Daily Ink”.

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