UPDATE: Taken down? Maybe, maybe not.

We have almost reached the peak of the Awards Season, so if you haven’t personally won something yet, you’re not likely to. The one big awards show left is the “daddy of them all” (and don’t think they haven’t claimed paternity), the Oscars.
Yeah, I couldn’t resist. Especially after finding that picture of Muppeteer Caroll Spinney operating his Oscar the Grouch puppet while wearing his Big Bird feet. (And we will definitely see more from Sesame Street – the Muppets may not be actual “Toons”, but they certainly fit into “The Fun Arts” this site is all about.)

oscar-meI do have a personal Oscar connection. Over 30 years ago, I was a Junior BeanCounter working for the company that literally made those priceless little statuettes, and as part of the going-away party when I found better work elsewhere, they were nice enough to take a Polaroid picture of me with one of those goodies in my hot little hands. I may only still have a low-quality scan of that priceless pic, but it’s still good enough that, if I want to go back to that profession, I can back up the claim of being an “Oscar Winning Accountant”. But I digress.

All the nominees in the Animated Feature Film category are already available on DVD or BluRay (don’t have ’em all? click on one of these links and your purchase will help support Tooned.In)
Brave: DVDBlu-ray & DVDFive-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition: Blu-ray3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy (whew)
Frankenweenie: DVDBlu-ray/DVD Combo
ParaNorman: DVDBlu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy
The Pirates! Band of Misfits: DVDBlu-ray/DVDBlu-ray3D/Blu-ray/DVD
Wreck-It Ralph: DVDBlu-ray/DVDBlu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy (plus an extra life, right?)

But what about the nominees for Animated Short Film, you may ask? (And why aren’t you asking?) Well, it used to be you had to see them in theaters (and only likely if the nominees were Disney, Looney Tunes or Mr. Magoo), but this year you can find them all on the Web (in varying levels of “authorized-ness”).

UPDATE: As Wired reports here: “All five of the officially-released videos have been taken offline after a letter sent to the nominees by the chief executive of Shorts International, which complained that continued streaming would cause “significant, if not irreparable damage” to their current theatrical release.” (Well, I’m going to boycott the boxer briefs made by Shorts International from now on.) But that is only partly true. All five have been taken down or taken private by You Tube and Vimeo. But the word has not (as of the afternoon of the 21st, and the letter was dated the 14th) reached all the places they’re being hosted…

Adam and Dog (by Minkyu Lee)
A copy remains viewable at Filmofilia.com, which has others of the nominees, apparently hosted by a Russian site (so you may wish to apply the ‘be careful of Russian sites’ rule here).

Head Over Heels(by Timothy Reckert)
Also at Filmofilia.com
The official site for the film has a one-minute trailer and
Director Timothy Reckert has the “set to private” version embedded on his site.

Fresh Guacamole (by PES)
Of all the films to be “taken off the internet”, this is the most absurd. This film was BORN on the internet, where PES has put all of his freaky stop-motion videos, but this one in particular was adopted by Showtime Network’s “Short Stories” showcase and hosted at SHO.COM, where, it was taken down on the 21st, but once again, Filmofilia has it.

Paperman (by John Khars)
The YouTube copy that was featured on MetaFilter and elsewhere is gone, but HollywoodReporter.com got it and still has it, and allows embedding… (I’ll never speak ill of that obsolete Hollywood trade rag again)

Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” (by David Silverman)
Not the full film but “The Shortest Trailer for The Longest Daycare” is still on YouTube…

Hulu had it for a brief time Sunday night (when it was aired following the regularly schedules Simpsons episode, then took it down, but it was long enough for Gawker Media to grab it and now it’s up at their io9 site, but I don’t know if it’ll last until Oscar night.
Filmofilia.com has a copy of this too. That site is making friends with many movie lovers – and making enemies in Hollywood Proper.

So, I may not be able to embed them all here, but I can still send you to where they are…