While “Irregular Webcomic” may be considered the leader in the odd category of ‘photocomics’, “Alien Loves Predator” is clearly a standout for its visual quality: What other comic could succeed (or even attempt) at a visual gag with the movie monster Alien losing a battle with a bowflex? Or a subway so crowded that three characters’ molecules fuse together?

Sometimes the visuals make up for been-there-done-that jokes like the standard New York put-downs (“too big to be cockroaches” and The Full New York Experience), Bill Clinton-bashing (it’s so-o last-millennium, but ‘everything’s a euphemism’ worked), Abe Alien’s lame “your mom” callouts (which appropriately ended when he tried it on Jesus Christ), and his on-going dating-scene disasters (“I don’t think you’ll need any help convincing girls you’re unsafe.”) Or puns that are almost too silly for ME (“Lip bomb!”). Even Starbucks joking is elevated with this incredibly well-executed Escher-esque panel.

This timely-yet-timeless Daffy Duck Homage started a not-so-interesting storyline about Preston Predator being treated like a sexual predator, but it ended with one of the funniest threats ever: “I’m gonna have you custom-spayed.”

ALP #1 offered a good chuckle about the New York Transit System, which most non-New Yorkers don’t hear many jokes about. Some of the concepts are why-didn’t-I-think-of-that unique, from the Eliza Poster to the Fast Chinese Food Delivery Guy. The Memento comic was worth the trouble of reading forwards and backwards.

Sometimes, ALP gets a run of good strips, mixing strong visuals and extreme silliness, like when it gave a picture-perfect Twilight Zone homage, followed by Abe Vigoda, Do-It-Yourself Laser Surgery, glasses/galoshes, the axe thing, Format’s Theorum, and English!
The whole concept of a glasses-wearing-Predator is worth an ongoing giggle, and Every major plot development should include a cameo appearance from a Furby.

The Beer Goggles Commercial was a well-executed movin’ video experiment (with sound, yowza!)

Other Alienating/Predatory goodness:
“You’re not on the internet.”
Abe recycles a Mr. Bean visual gag.
“It’s called Carbon Dating.”
(Did they do that gag before Diesel Sweeties?
“Lunch is almost ready.”
And Gird Your Loins, a piece of silliness that gave me such a case of the giggles, I had to do this post. (And yes, I did gird my loins to do it.)