lar-who No, that’s not L’artist as in “pretentious Frenchness”. That’s Lar-tist as in Lar DeSouza, the non-evil half of the “Least I Could Do” webcomic team who does a live streaming of a drawing session, making wacky things like the illustration at right and interacting with the attached chat, every Friday he’s available at 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific, and has been doing it for four years. It really is the best way to spend a Friday evening if you’re not going out, and I’m just piggybacking onto it with some quotes and screengrabs just to see if I can make it work. So, you don’t have to join me here, in fact, it’s probably better to join me there.

4:45PM Have logged into the chat for the Larcast, blatantly plugged this silly effort and haven’t been kicked out … yet.

4:50PM Lar is doing a slideshow of photos from the JoCo Crazy Cruise AND drawings he did on it…

5:10PM So far, Lar has talked more about the weird news that happened while he was on the cruise (including the OTHER cruise ship’s little disaster) than what he did on the cruise…

5:28PM Now, everything he has said about the cruise is totally fun, nerdy, awesome… and I’m suddenly hungry for curry…

6:19PM Work in progress… a custom badge based on a character created in City of Heroes/City of Villains

7:05PM Nearing completion… taking a station break
Subjects of conversation have included (besides the Cruise and comparing the Cruise to a Con) evil clowns, clown shoes and Samurai Pizza Cats

8:10PM commission drawing of Captain Jack Harkness in a Kilt (that’s the Torchwood logo, not what you think… although during the discussion of the JoCo Cruise’s “Drink and Draw” event, certain appendages were mentioned)

8:50PM Lar begins yawning after finishing the second piece, decides against starting third, engages chatroom with talk about his work, his cats and the Blind Ferret operation. (If you want to see the finished pieces, you shoulda been there – or you can watch it on replay here)