My weakness for mixes and mashups means my favorite feature of the Comic Book Resources site has to be “The Line It Is Drawn”, a weekly casual competition for creative art-ing that dares its participants into some serious creative mashing. The “Music Album Cover Homages” was pretty good, but it was dominated by The Fantastic Four replacing The Beatles on their iconic covers, because it just seemed so natural…
fabtastic1 fabtastic2 fabtastic3
Of course, the last one is a tribute to all the great creations of Jack “The King” Kirby, but the Fan4 is still standing in for the Fab4.

Attempts to make the comic book quartet stand in for other musical quartets are relatively “meh”
becuase, hey, the Gorillaz guys already ARE cartoon characters.

But the one true jawdropper in the collection, something I never would have thought of, made use of the most classic case of super-sidekick re-casting, turning the Ramones into…