Tom Scott uses Kinteic Typograpy to do a two-minute ‘history’ of the marriage of Kinetic Typography and Pop Music: lyricvideo
Lyric Videos you-tooned-in

The videos that the video references:

Bob Dylan – “Subterranean Homesick Blues” you-tooned-in

Prince – “Sign O The Times” you-tooned-in

George Michael – “Praying For Time” you-tooned-in

Saul Bass’ titles for Psycho you-tooned-in

Jarrett Moody’s “Pulp Fiction” scene you-tooned-in

Jonathan Coulton – “Shop Vac” you-tooned-in (which I liked enough to post to MetaFilter)

Katy Perry – “Firework” you-tooned-in

Cee Lo Green – “F*** You” you-tooned-in

Shockingly omitted: Weird Al Yankovic’s palindromic homage to Dylan: “Bob” you-tooned-in