marvel1The Good News: at SXSW, Marvel announced a limited-time opportunity to get FREE digital “#1” issues of… well, damn near everything… over 700 issues, for your mobile or not-so-mobile device. Awesome. Incredible. And for a Very Limited Time. Which is where Incredible crosses into Impossible.

The Bad News: the news spread from the conference and every Marvel Fan with an electronic device (including some who only have microwave ovens), tried to download the A.L.P. (stands for Absurdly Large Pile), crashing the servers of Marvel’s distribution partner, Which is bad news for everyone who uses Comixology for getting digital comics that they actually PAY for.

The (Maybe) Good News After All: Comixology seems to be taking it well, in spite of the debacle costing them actual paying sales from actual paying customers (some of whom may bear bad will for a long time), enough bandwidth to actually amount to something, overtime for all their maybe-highly-paid technical folks and whatever else they need to fix the servers (tubes? wires?). I just hope they bill Marvel for it… plus Overhead… because Marvel DOES have the money. Anyway, Comixology’s CEO has made the assurance (probably while under heavy pain medication) that they will provide the digital treasures at a later date to anyone who will give them an email address here. (If it doesn’t work, go back to the blog page and find a link there, if it’s still there. Whatever.)

So the waiting game begins.