I got a million things, comicwise, to point at and marvel, and a nother million to point at and laugh. And it all starts NOW.

Webcartoonists Choice Awards Nominations here. They really should get somebody other than Senator Ted Stephens working on their website. Too many tubes. And I am personally ashamed at how many of the nominees are ‘new to me’. I got me some reading to do.

In the meantime, I’ve heard a lot of talk that “Get Fuzzy” is in decline, and it certainly seems like the previously formidable Bucky Katt is just getting dumber. But then look at this, the first example I ever remember of the usually clueless Satchel getting the best of Bucky… and even being sneaky about it!
Do I see a role realignment coming? Can Darby Conley pull off such a thing?

Meanwhile, another ancient comic reveals an ancient secret… Henry‘s head…

Finally, from the “at least they didn’t spread out these puns into a whole week’s worth of comics” Department, the Flying McCoys:

More soon. Real soon.