A ‘supercut’ video recently went viral that showed a couple dozen examples of “Breaking the Fourth Wall” you-tooned-in. In fact, I posted it to MetaFilter, where members of one of the best online communities pointed out how many other notable 4th Wall assaults they remembered. The only animated 4th-wall-break was near the end with Proky Pig’s rather obvious closing line from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Of course, if you include television, the amount of 4th-wall-damage increases astronomically, it was rather routine in Danny Antonucci’s “Ed Edd & Eddy”, earning a page in the show’s Wiki and a fan-made supercut you-tooned-in. But that’s no surprise from Antonucci, who, in his famous independent cartoon “Lupo the Butcher” (warning: contains loud profanity) you-tooned-in, at the end of the cartoon Lupo’s disembodied head pops through the iris-in so he can continue swearing and complaining throughout the closing credits.

But I digress.

If you didn’t already know, Francesco Marciuliano is the writer of the syndicated “Sally Forth” comic strip (taking over from creator Greg Howard over a decade ago and gradually turning the ‘working woman’ strip in other directions). He’s also the author of the Best Selling (!) book of cat poems “I Could Pee on This” and does a web-only comic “Medium Large”, which takes random pot-shots at all forms of Pop Culture. So when he took “Sally Forth” in other directions, one of them had to include Pop Culture references, usually as emitted by Ted Forth, Sally’s growing-ever-flakier husband. So it was inevitable that Ted would tear a hole in the Fourth Wall (and apparently, a bookcase leaning against it):
tedforth-wallA nice break from storylines that were getting a little character-heavy, and on Saturday “when nobody’s looking”.