A rather unhappy story of our paranoid times is that of Matt Boyd, who got into a conversation in his office about a gun he wanted to buy. But he did it the day of the Virginia Tech shootings (before he had even heard the news) and one or more coworkers who had heard the news and overheard him freaked out and reported him to management. He was fired. Now, normally, that would be all, but Matt is the co-author of, not a blog, but a bloggy “personal journal” webcomic titled “Three Panel Soul”, so, obviously the incident was the subject of a short series of strips. And a couple days after their weblication*, he got a visit from investigators from the State’s Attorney’s Office regarding what they considered a “borderline terroristic threat” (the investigators’ own words… Mr. Boyd tell the whole story here).

You can judge for yourself if anything in this sorry story could be considered a ‘threat’ (besides what the State’s Attorney’s Office said to Mr. Boyd). Pretty outrageous, but at least he didn’t end up in jail. Then I thought of a strange postcard I received a couple months ago. I had previously considered scanning it and putting it up here, but now it seems much more relevant. Does this look like a terrorist threat to you?


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* meaning being published on the web; it’s a word I made up that I want to become widely used. Please spread it around.