Scottbert Adamsbert seems at time to be concentrating all his creative energies on coming up with controversial or just plain ridiculous ideas on his blog, but from time to time, the Dilbert comic strip briefly returns to its previous semi-brilliance. This example of Dogbert Tech Support is one of those “got to clip it from the paper [or print it out from the web] and put it on the wall of my cubicle” he used to do much more frequently.
Earlier this week, he had a final-panel-punchline that was also so good by itself that the rest of the comic was basically unnecessary.
And last week he did a three-day mini-story-arc about the ‘cartoonist in cubicle 45950‘ that I (and probably everybody else) wondered if it was autobiographical. Unfortunately, Scottbert has not mentioned anything about it on his blog.It must not be controversial or ridiculous enough.