Of course, Savage Chickens is a great name for a Metal Band. And Mr. Savage’s Metal Band Name Generator (click the comic for more random names) is seriously fun!

My new favorite word is PENULTIMATUM.

Could this be the end for my favorite talking vegetable?

Here is a unique take on Creationism vs. Evolution.

Prolific catchphrase creator R. Stevens is working overtime:
“What’s more imaginary nowadays, a talking tiger or an unmedicated hyperactive six-year-old?”
“Coupons: America’s Littlest Heroes. They wouldn’t NEED to be if we paid our police, teachers and troops better.” (I also like referring to a newspaper as the Printernet)
“You know the old saying: ‘Those who cannot do, teach’. It’s been updated to: ‘Those who teach, shouldn’t DO’.”
Almost every line in this one is a catchphrase! “…punch you into the public domain”, “…innocent until I post it on You Tube”, “TCP/IP-ing Tom”, “If I cared about the law, would I be in your house to execute you for breaking it?”

“Now I’m imagining you having sex with a purple elephant! Everything is ruined forever!”

“I ain’t your normal prophet of doom… I’m pro-active!”

Wapsi Square has another new twist on its supernatural storyline, and the strip’s most mysterious character is revealing herself to be something NOBODY expected. Wow.

Screaming Zombie Face Dot Com (in bed)