Oh, sure. As soon as I start comicblogging again, everybody goes off on hiatus.

I can understand Jon R. of Goats taking time off after giving birth… no, wait, he wasn’t the one giving birth… As for the Greenfield/North collaboration on the “end of the series spoiler”, don’t they know that you can’t do an ‘it was all a dream’ running joke without mentioning Tommy Westphall?

And it just seemed odd that Mr. Abrams at Sluggy Freelance is using the same excuse. And having his guest comicker come in and work up a new plotline that, in two weeks, has become as confusing as Sluggy’s took several years to get? Unfair!

But that does not explain the guest comics at Scary Go Round. Or the zombie filler art at Something Positive. Or the long pauses at Bunny and Barkeater Lake (I am happy for Corey Barkeater that he has gotten a ‘day job’ with a syndicated strip – and from what I’ve seen of Elderberries, its characters should be much more fun to write for than most ‘old folks’ strips).

I amWe are still unconvinced that Queen Victoria needed several weeks to set up shop at GoComics.

Then, of course, there is the entertainingly insane Brooke McEldowney, whose web-based Pibgorn stopped in mid-cliffhanger at comics.com only to return, restarting the current storyline at GoComics. At least we will get to see whether Pib’s new landlord allows more naughtiness than the old one did.

And now, Ugly Hill has pre-announced a one-week hiatus. This is becoming a deeply disturbing trend. I must contact Al Gore; maybe he can do a multi-media something about it, call it “An Inconvenient Pause”.