Just when you think we have finally escaped the “Awards Season”, here come The Webby Awards, the around-too-long-to-be-easily-ignored award show attempting to honor “the best of the web”, or maybe “the most of the web” or “the biggest of the web”. How Old Skool are The Webbys? Down at the bottom-right corner of the screen on their site, a logo occasionally pops out… for Internet Explorer.

Among the 1,374 categories in which they will be giving out weird spring-like trophies (30+ years ago, I worked for the place that made the Oscars and other custom award trophies, and that looks odder than anything we did in the 80s), is “Animation”, a subcategory of “Online Film & Video”… thankfully, Animation starts with an “A” because, there really are a bunch of categories, including a few prefixed with “Best” for no good reason.

The date of the awards ceremony varies more widely than Easter Sunday, but this year the winners will be announced April 30th, the awards ceremony will occur on May 21st, and it will be streamed to the web on May 22nd (after all the Internet Explorer jokes are edited out).

The site now has an archive of past winners that is still rather buggy, so let me point out some notable past Webby winners in the Animation category…

Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” Promo you-tooned-in

The tiny-robot travelogue “Address is Approximate”

The overtly educational “Do You Know What Nano Means?” you-tooned-in

The self-proclaimed “World’s Smallest Stop Motion” you-tooned-in

College Humor’s grim “Pixar Intro Parody” you-tooned-in

The educationally INcorrect “Stickman Exodus” you-tooned-in

The bloody “Battle of the Album Covers” you-tooned-in, but then a LOT of the Webby winners are kinda violent.

the “You Suck at Photoshop” series

and the “30-Second Bunnies Theater” series.

Go far enough back, and they even gave an award to RatherGood.com

Occasionally, something animated has won in another category. “You Suck at Photoshop” won in ‘Comedy Series’ the year after its win in ‘Animation’, and the drawings-come-to-life “Minilogue” you-tooned-in won in the ‘Music’ category.

In my ‘not-animated-but-Muppets-are-awesome’ category, Music Webbys went to Beaker’s “Ode to Joy” you-tooned-in and “Bohemian Rhapsody” you-tooned-in. Okay, any awards that like the Muppets I can get to like.

But what about THIS YEAR’S nominees? Well, unlike the Oscars for Short Animated Film, nobody was trying to keep any of these OFF the web (obviously), so here they are…

framesPitchforkTV’s “Frames” series

dumbwaysThe train-safety-PSA-turned-pop-song-smash “Dumb Ways to Die” you-tooned-in

princessThe mercifully-short riff on ‘Tangled’ – “Princess”tooned-imeo-15

macbethThe animation-live-action-mix “Macbeth”, first episode of the “WillShakes” series

polarbearsand the “Coca Cola Polar Bears” produced by Ridley Scott (they name-fropped) you-tooned-in

If there weren’t already a ridiculous number of categories, there will be TWO awards given in each category, one chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the other by a popular online vote. You have until April 25th to make your web-based voice heard here, and may the best toon win.