Attack of the LOLBOTS

I was about to make a post bemoaning the fact that LOLCATS images are more popular than Webcomics, meaning that all the creative writing and drawing all over the web is being trumped by pictures of cats and captions in bad English, but now a couple of the sharpest writers in Webcomicdom have decided not to fight ’em, but to join ’em.

lolredrobot.gifI’m talking about LOLBOTS, the instantaneously popular blog of LOL-pictures featuring robots, assembled by a team that includes one guy who really knows robots, Diesel Sweeties’ R. Stephens and another who knows a few robots, Questionable Content’s J. Jacques (both of whose work I have praised in this very blog) . In two days, they have assembled an impressive assortment of memes and macros starring some of the biggest mechanical stars of science fiction and some real-life robots too. Still, in the rush to pull it all together, they have omitted some obvious BOTS woth LOLing.

Where are the Bots from MST3K?

And what, no Bender?

And the robot from Lost in Space (I did a little reverse in this one, having a robot that was usually less than humanly erudite speak like an authority figure)

You DO remember Hymie the Robot in “Get Smart”, don’t you?

Also in MY robotic memories, the mechanical techs-turned-landscapers named after Donald Duck’s nephews in the Eco-Space-Opera “Silent Running”.

And this one may be a stretch, but since most real-life robots today work on assembly lines, here’s that classic TV moment with a mechanized conveyor belt…
Yeah, I admit it. I LOL Lucy.

Well, here’s to you, proud LOLBOTers. And if I get any more ideas, you’ll be the 18th to know. (My loyal readership of 17 will be ahead of you)

UPDATE: Welcome everyone! Since Diesel Sweeties and LOLBOTS linked back here, the FunnyPaperless has gotten its first triple-digit traffic. Whew! For the record, I was not intentionally giving short shrift to LOLBOTter Jon Sung, who doesn’t have his own webcomic, or Ryan North who joined the Robot Invasion about five minutes after I originally posted this. Come back here for more random insights into the world of comickery as soon as everybody gets back from hiatus, or check out my other blog for more non-robotic LOLlery featuring high-ranking politicians, rock-n-roll legends, fast-food mascots and the dead log in my garden.

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