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The Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator is the latest inspired creation of Wondermark‘s David Malki! (exclamation mark his), a slight departure from his usual victorian clip-art comedy (previously) to a wordier bit of satire/inspiration/wackiness/wit/archetyping/talking fish.


Speaking of webcomics and formulas, the "young woman inexplicably transported to a totally weird alternate universe" scenario is being used differently – but masterfully – by THREE different artists: Ramon Perez’s Kukuburi, Eldon Cowgur’s Astray3 and Michael Lee Lunsford’s Supernormal Step (links to the beginnings of the stories… because you gotta). I’m rather surprised the Pirannhamoose has not yet appeared in any of these, especially since Astray3 has featured every other creature you can imagine (or have nightmares about) in its first year (and try to ignore that fact that, in its universe, humans are the worst monsters of all).

NOTE: As of the beginning of 2013, all but “Supernormal Step” are on a frustratingly long hiatus – the good news is it’s because the artists have gotten other, paying work drawing more conventional comics… well, good for THEM.