The convention season is at its peak with things happening in Seattleforthis, Austintatious, Chicagocrazy and EastPAXovia, and PvP’s Scott “Don’t Hurtz Me” Kurtz did some filler material with his LOLBAT character, rather controversial among hard-core PvPHeads, but what I consider one of the better corners of his little Universe. And the one full strip he did with LOLBAT was one that was filled with one of my guilty pleasures… themed puns. (Recreated below at reduced size for a reason)

I realized quickly that the area of food-themed puns had barely been touched on in this strip, and you COULD swap out a whole ‘nother set of dialogue bubbles to provide what could pass for another strip. So I did. (Below is Scott’s art with MY puns)

If you need a better view, a full-size version of my version is here and the full-sized original is back at the PvPPlace.

Anyway, I failed miserably at bringing this to Scott’s attention (or he succeeded gloriously at ignoring me), so after an inappropriate cooling off period, I’m posting it over here, because, well, that’s what this blog is at least partly for: showing off the BEST of the Cartoony Arts and contrasting it to my feeble-minded efforts. (The self-effacing part of this post ends here) I am still kinda proud of my “uckers reserves” label and the turducken reference.

One thing I did contrary to Scott’s practice: I just had to put LOLBAT’s dialog into the Impact font, used by so many LOLCATS. I mean, come on…