I’m going to do a general post on all the stuff that doesn’t need an in-depth post on a (hopefully) daily basis. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Ever wonder WHY a certain famous scene in the Original Star Wars looked different in later editions? David Morgan-Irregular shows us.

“Goats” returns from hiatus just in time for the Official Goats Goat to – uh – leave us waiting.

“Wapsi Square” is starting what looks like a very significant flashback for those of us who have lost track of who’s who,and more importantly, who’s WHAT.

The Indexer has finally done for the Seven Dwarfs what she previously did for the Seven Deadly Sins.

GG gives us The Steampunk Starbucks.

In Achewood, even miniature golf is EX-TREEEM.

spamalot1.jpgIn what may be one of the highest honors ever given to a webcomic artist, Real Life Comics’ Greg Dean has been named “Best Peasant” at “Spamalot” on Broadway (scroll down). (Is this the first time I’ve shown a real photograph here?) It sure dwarfs Brad Guigar’s honor of his newspaper comic “Phables” being named the Best Newspaper Column in Philadelphia, right?

Hmmm… a “Kevin and Kell” that you don’t have to be anthropomorphic to get…

One of T-Rex’s greatest quotes ever (from last Friday): “The problem with relationships is they involve more than one person”.

Silly question: Why does the “Girls With Slingshots” fund-raising hiatus remind me of a PBS Pledge Break?