I’m almost Positive that Something Positive’s R.K.Milholland is coming to MY neighborhood. Webcomickers NEVER come to San Luis Obispo. (That’s why I thought this would be a safe hiding place). Still, it’s going to be for a Gaming Con, not a Comics Con, but still… one of the legends in the short history of webcomickery is going to be nearby enough for me to meet personally.

Why don’t I just save the trouble and paste my face on Jason’s body… or better yet, just airbrush out 80% of Jason’s hair. There! It’s Wendell.

Here is Sinfest at its most sinful: Forgive Me Father for I Am a Happy Little Piggy

This Calvin and Hobbes rerun got voted up on the Reddit:

And the comicker behind Drabble discovers the truth…
No, he can’t handle the truth…

The best way to haul out a tired tired old cliche is to make a joke out of reminding you it’s a tired old cliche, right?
Not really.

And this is either SO VERY WRONG or just SO VERY PUNNY: