Gonna get me a Cat and Girl Sticker for the price of a postage stamp. Eight years of comics and the Cat has never LOLed and the Girl has never Gone Wild. That’s good!

Here’s a pretty good handling of the ‘too old to do another sequel’ meme.

Dr. McNinja (or, more accurately, one of his sidekicks) makes another funny: “Wait a second… that was a clean, crisp, caffeine-free 7up, the Uncola, not the Undead!”

Greetings, True Believers! David Willis gives us Iron Man’s side of the story!
This week, Over the Hedge has been punching holes in the 4th wall with a “Mail Bag” sequence, and after some absurd yet unsurprising gags about Hammy’s eyes, Verne’s shell (although adding ‘the old guy’ was a nice touch) and RJ’s annual shower…
…today they entered the realm of ‘Furries’…
I eagerly await the next two days to see if “Over the Hedge” goes totally “Over the Top”…