Everybody who is anybody seems to be in New York for the MoCCA Art Festival, which apparently has nothing to do with Mo Rocca, or even with this tiny creature named Mocha (who appears to be attacking Brock Stalkley’s little brother in this video). Except of course for Mr. Positive, who is just down the street from me at this moment. Now I dearly LOVE where I live, but even I would rather be in New York this weekend.

Back to the funnies…

This has everything I could ever ask for in a comic: Mythbusters + food + software + painful punnery. Yep, it’s nerdgasmic.

Then again, when the great Robot Romance comic brings in cats, babies, sock puppets AND an awesome cameo guest appearance…

And if you’re going to have a Webcomics Battle of the Mashups, you know T-Rex will be in there fighting with Shakespeare, Chekhov (the playwright not the StarTreker), Perseus, James Bond, Pop Tarts and Guns that shoor piranhas, chainsaws and EVEN BIGGER GUNS… What? No guns that fire Pop Tarts?

Geez, everybody wants a piece of the Mythbusters.

Now, if this band broke up and said it was due to ‘creative differences’… I’d believe them.