Because there just hasn’t been enough interesting stuff the last few days…

Savage Chickens explains EVERYTHING.

I thought it seemed rather stupid for Peter Parker to use his own phone to call a member of The Media and say “I’m Spiderman”…
But David Willis (scroll down to the blog) has it nailed: “Peter Parker, you’re retarded!”

Here’s a great one-panel Zippy-ism, appropriately in a strip about the “Hefty One-Zip”:

At least webcomics pariah Tim Buckley is smart enough to register the fake domain and put something there before he mentions it in his strip: CHURCHOFGAMING.COM. And considering the reliability of the character behind the Church of Gaming, a splashpage is probably all it’ll ever need.

I try to expand my webcomic reading from time to time, but Small Wonder is not going to make any of my lists if it’d going to do Calvin & Hobbes Cliche’d Reference #37.

As a former practitioner of the medium of Radio back when it was fun, I salute Dan ‘Bizarro’ Piraro:

But this is just WRONG: