More Bizarre than Bizarro?

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up on my daily comic surf, but I haven’t been keeping up on much of anything lately. Don’t ask. But some of the newspaper comics that hit the web this morning are much much stranger than usual…

Would you believe Broom Hilda “in the buff”?

If that were not enough to gross you out, “Close to Home” gives birth:
While “Stone Soup” had a much more realistic (in a sitcomicstrip world) depiction of giving birth:

I can’t think of a better time (he wrote sarcastically) for the adolescent daughter in “The Humble Stumble” to have her first period:

Now, if you haven’t been following “Funky Winkerbean” lately – DON’T! The formerly trying-to-be-funny comic has been getting pretty grim in the story of Lisa’s cancer. (Others have commented on it.) And last week she told her husband of her decision to quit chemotherapy. Tom Batiuk had to lighten the mood somehow… but this was NOT it:

Popeye has had a rather disturbing storyline lately with Olive’s ‘city cousin’ (with boobs!) visiting and trying to steal her boyfriend, who Olive convinces her is not Popeye, but Wimpy. But then her ‘big-city boyfriend’ shows up with a gun… and then, whoever is signing Bud Sagendorf’s name on the strip gets the continuity completely screwed up:
“Sweet Oyl” has already pointed out Popeye as the guy for “Reep the Reaper” to go after, but then talks to Olive about how he’s going to kill Wimpy “when he catches him”. WTF?

And Mallard Fillmore finds a whole new way to be offensive by noting the death of “My hero and friend,” B.C.’s Johnny Hart which happened THREE MONTHS AGO. We know that Daffy Tinsley doesn’t do his strip with that much lead time; he often gets his warped perspective on news events into the strip a week or two after they happen. But the passing of “My hero and friend” has to wait for THREE MONTHS.
I could go on about the caveman in the strip looking more drunk than sorrowful, but that’s to be expected…

But you can count on the cute kids from Family Circus to find “a nice thing about global warming”:

Meanwhile, Fred Basset breaks the 4th wall (and doesn’t like what he sees):

The cloyingly cutish, cringingly Politically Correct and more-badly-drawn-every-day* Wee Pals invokes two names I never thought would ever be mentioned there to make an even more unexpected controversial statement:
*at least we can be fairly confident that Morrie Turner hasn’t turned the comic over to a bunch of

Speaking of statements, behind the 4th wall damage and the @*&!# pun is the possible start of a War-related storyline in “Over the Hedge”:

Dilbert in his own words: “Creepy”.
But then Scott Adams’ blog just went in great detail trying to explain Hypnosis and maybe he thinks he has his audience in a trance (yes, I know he goes on for several paragraphs on how Hypnosis is not a ‘trance’, but sometimes you gotta give up logic for the joke, right?)
Then again, his latest blog entry shows a line he couldn’t possibly use in a ‘family newspaper’…
…so maybe that was just a substitute for something really dirty. Everybody but Dil is under the conference table…

Or maybe Adams was just stealing from office-comic-competitor “Working It Out”:

Another example of way-creepier-than-usual is “Dog Eat Doug”:
How many puppies know Neil Gaiman’s writing?

In this environment, even seeing “Frazz” use the phrase “Girding my loins” feels kind of creepy:

All in all, it’s the perfect day for the kid in “Red and Rover” to moon the comics readers of America:

And is Zippy vomiting or is that just a green rubber arm (note the fingers) coming out of his mouth?

Okay, let’s go to some Webcomics that are SUPPOSED to be offensive, disturbing and creepy:

The Proudly Incorrect “Least I Can Do” breaks the 4th wall to announce that it’s characters will now “age normally, like your creators and your readers.” And we all know what happened after Funky Winkerbean did that…
“Schlock Mercenary’s” Tagon has “pie crust in his spleen” (Doesn’t the far inferior ‘Brewster Rockit’ comic have a running joke about a character hurting his spleen? Yep.)
And the biggest shock of all… “Achewood” doing LOLCATS?!? No surprise that Ray hangs his head in shame.

But on the positive side, last Saturday’s “9 Chickweed Lane” made a witty, cogent and skillfully worded statement:
(which is quite a relief after the ‘Edda and the Unicorn’ picturebook-style storyline that had just ground to a painful stop)

So, has the entire world of comic strips gone crazy on the same day, or is it just me?

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