(that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

I was feeling guilty the other day, engaging in an online conversation with residents of Athens, Greece during the firestorm and trying to cheer them up when one mentioned having to go into the kitchen and cook something and I stopped myself just as I was about to hit the Send key on “Don’t have any greece fires in the kitchen!”
Apparently, Lem of the Bunny webcomic is even more inappropriate than I am.

Quotable Sheldon (actually, Gramp from Sheldon): “Why does my stomach feel like Scott Baio’s career?”

Another Diesel Sweetquote: “The world is like an internet girlfriend.” “Paradoxically into both Pokemon and bondage?” “Perfect until you meet in real life.” Although I could argue that when you think about the tiny hard-shelled thingies that Pokemon are kept in, bondage is not that much a stretch…

“The Programmer breached the skin between worlds without even knowing it.” Does this mean Goats is going to wrap up this storyline BEFORE December 2012?

In case you didn’t know, Little Dee is safe at home @ Modern Tales, has rebuilt the 4th wall she destroyed last week and is currently featuring a unicorn (or a reasonable facsimile – I like the hat).

I confess. Achewood is usually not my cup of hot cocoa, but I keep an eye on it because once in a while it comes up with something that is multiple layers of awesomeness. “Registered Asshole” is one of those things.

Cat and Girl Quotability: “Understanding Zippy the Pinhead is the first sign of adult onset schizophrenia”

Qwantz and T-Rex know I can’t resist a good pun… or a bad one either. I tried my Beth.

Embedded in its usual outrageousness and grossitude, Cyanide and Happiness has a logical explanation for why the guy in the mask with a chainsaw keeps killing people.

The Order of the Stick is on hiatus for 3 weeks, and leaving us with a relatively low-key cliffhanger. This webcomic could teach a few things to the producers of certain TV shows.

Belated congratulations to Wally & Osbourne‘s Tyler Martin: It’s a Boy and a KLUMP! (It is nice to see the next generation of talented webcomickers coming into this difficult world. Thanks, you fertile minds and loins.)

Wondermark has come up with a semi-awesome concept: “Big Salt”.

Congratulations to The Joy of Tech on your 1000th comic. But really, isn’t “The Field Guide to Office Workers” an idea that’s been done 1000 times before?

Partially Clips gives us a “Fiscally Responsible Magical Adventure”. Yeah, you know where this is going…

So many comics, so few functioning brain cells. I’ll catch up with the dead tree offerings next time.