Now, I pretty much expect newspaper comics to duplicate each others’ gags on a regular basis (last December there was this one GIANT Christmas light bulb that made the rounds of several strips), but when the creative geniuses that are the upper echelon of webcomics seem to be recycling the same idea, it’s shocking! And this time, the idea is the backwards-sequence strip.

And now Savage Chickens comes in with a gag about the Mother-of-All-Reverse-Memes, the movie “Memento”.

Then, Evil Inc., in one of its Saturday not-advancing-the-plot semi-throwaways had Lightning Lady working Customer Disservice and dealing with a malfunctioning time machine.

First, Irregular Webcomic did a strip in reverse sequence, a ME comic where he revealed a future spoiler, warned he was going to reveal a spoiler, and then declared himself working backwards.

But then, I’m a generally unoriginal guy, so I think I’ll use the gimmick myself.