So Kris “Starslipper” Straub is reaching out for crossovers with a weekly side-comic called Alterverse War. The requirements are a space-based comic with a starship of some kind. Now who does that remind me of?

Schlock Mercenary (Let’s just say if Tayler doesn’t participate it will seriously damage the perception of Blank Label unity.)

Melonpool (Something in me suspects that this is all a clever ruse to get Steve Troop back into webcomicking…)

Goats (It already has the alternate-universe thing down pat; but would it be just Neil and Bob in their flying saucer, or Toothgnip too, or The Whole Gang? I must admit, a scene with Mr. Jinx, Schlock and Brock Stalkley is my personal webcomic wet dream. But I’ve said too much.)

Superosity (Assuming Chris Keenspot Crosby has resumed speaking to all those Blank Label turncoats.)

Zortic (Long known as a Crossover Whore.)

Irregular Webcomic’s Space or Martians or Star Wars themes. (An excuse to get Luke and Darth and Yoda into this mash-up? YES!)

Legostar Galactica (I see them making an evil alliance with IWC)

Crimson Dark (Why do I think that anything from that comic would just blow away anything else in two seconds?)

Freefall (Although the characters haven’t been on their ship for like eons, and they probably won’t leave the Robot Maintenance Center Or Whatever until Stanley has inserted cameo appearances by EVERY fictional or real-world robot in existence.)

The dead-tree-based Brewster Rockit (Yeah, we dare you, Tribune Media Services. Show us why you think that THIS is the only Space Comic worthy of newspaper publication!)

This topic prompted me to go out searching for other starship-based webcomics. So far I’ve found:
The freaky-fresh new GoodShip Chronicles (no action, but some of the best designed character faces I’ve ever seen).
The recently partially-resuscitated Blast Asteroid.
Orbits (because any parody of the Star Trek universe that names its ship the USS Regis Philbin is on the right track).

Sci-Fi comics that appear to be missing a starship but would otherwise be good-to-great to get the characters involved: Sluggy Freelance, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life,Dicebox, Banished!, Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire (yes, I know, it’s a recycled print comic that Foglio hasn’tdrawn for over 10 years, but a guy can dream) and xkcd (JUST BECAUSE!).

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