I’ve been spending some time in the archives of Jonathan Rosenberg’s Goats, having not followed it since its non-auspicious debut on April Fools Day, 1997 (It’s not too early to start shopping around for a Goats Tenth Anniversary card, folks!), and, frankly, I had gotten thoroughly befuddled since the beginning of the “Infinite Typewriters” story arc 17 months ago. It certainly has increased my respect for J.R. and his growth as a comic storyteller, from the first color strip to the first two-row comic eight months ago (the longer format was a necessary change to follow the multi-layered story and still provide daily giggles). I found that a full readthru – not from day one, but from the beginning of “Infinite Typewriters” – was well worth the trouble, and this saga is going to be awesome in print… except for the occasional animated gif strips.

goatbaio1.gifgoatbaio2.gifBut one thing I have especially noticed is a different attitude toward ‘celebrity cameos’ in the comic. Back in the prior millennium, Rosenberg was totally willing to cut-and-paste familiar faces into the b&w strip for an easy laugh, and none was easier than Scott Baio.

A little Monty Pythonization effect, and Ol’ Chachie was Comedy Gold.

I believe the correct term for Mr. Baio’s character here was “Assclown”.

Of course, the cut-and-paste look went a little beyond weird once the strip was in color and Scott made his last appearance in a scene in a gay bar with Bruce the Sleestak.


But now, the storyline is so much more important that… wait… is that Kevin Smith standing next to that talking broccoli in a cave in Topeka Prime?

goatsmith.gif goatsmith2.gif

So, how did Mr. Rosenberg decide to utilize this multi-level fictional character with the multi-level punnical name? (Violent Robert… I like it.)

Oh. I guess Celebrity Cameos are now the Goats multiverse’s equivalent of Star Trek redshirts. You know, it’s been about two years since we’ve seen Rosenberg’s caricature of George W. Bush. And, hey, that movie in Canada where he gets killed got plenty of publicity… just sayin’.