It’s Ryan Estrada’s World, We Just Live in It

In an act of incredible guts/chutzpah/cajones/whatever, talented but currently-not-doing-his-own-webcomic Ryan Estrada, has stepped up and made guest strips for – well, just about everybody who ever used guest strips. The depth and breadth of Mr. E’s skillz are clearly on display here, because for most of these he captures the host comicker’s essence without totally ripping off their style and the rest he takes in a new direction that is as good as it is surprising.

And it’s all in promotion of (and a damn good audition for) his new, highly questionable, business venture: Cartoon Commune, in which he is offering to do custom comic books at the below-minimum-wage price of $200 for 12 pages or $300 for 24 pages. Damn! Apparently his services do NOT include drawing what others have written, or else I’d have found my collaborator for “Clowns Around”…

And so we approach the challenge of finding, maybe not all the webcomics Ryan is guesting for, but the few that are NOT using his perpetually-underpriced services. Here goes:

Ryan Estrada Guest Webcomics for September 17, 2007

Astronaut Elementary
Dinosaur Comics (How do you do something different and original with Ryan North’s fossilized format? He does!)
Dr. McNinja (“CUUUUURED”)
Genny (I’m discovering comics I’ve never seen before thanks to Ryan…)
Goats (Valdemort Special Edition)
Hate Song (with blood)
Hero by Night
Joe and Monkey (an earworm)
Joe Loves Crappy Movies (not the same Joe)
Little Gamers (…meet the BIG Gamers)
Multiplex (…in continuity)
Muffin Time
Nothing Nice to Say (punk elephant sighting!)
Octopus Pie (with special guest ducks)
Overcompensating (doing something I always wished I could. Yum.)
Patches (havin’ fun with the format)
PC Weenies
Questionable Content (haven’t we seen this before?)
Sam and Fuzzy (scroll down for ‘bonus’ strip)
Scary Go Round (a goblin-centric strip)
Scene Language
Starslip Crisis (Memnon meets the Little Art Critics)
Theater Hopper
Ugly Hill
White Ninja (on the ‘fan art’ page…)
Wigu (he’s even guesting for strips that aren’t updating! The man is beyond machine! He is a factory!)

MORE! Alien Loves Predator
Beaver and Steve
(and how many times does he use the phrase “Six times!” in dialogue in these guest strips? maybe, SIX TIMES?!?)

No PvP? Well, he’d done something for it before but apparently his Infinite Canvas freaked out Scott Kurtz, so I think I understand.

(HOW DOES HE DO IT? I’ve pretty much exhausted myself just surfing for and linking to his special guest appearances.)

Of course, certain webcomics COULDN’T hand themselves over to Ryan today, because Barkeater Lake, Order of the Stick and You Damn Kid had previously announced today was the day they were returning from hiatus. Tough luck, guys.

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