Things are slowly beginning to return to their normal non-Ryan-Estrada status in webcomicland… meanwhile, the Great Comics Usurper is posting all of his nearly-fifty guest strips at his own site, one every five hours… by the time he’s finished, his sleep patterns will be totally screwed.

So, let’s talk about something else:

Yes, I think it’s time to begin the formal redefinition of the word “Comcastic” to “malignant, virulent and usually terminal”.

If the multi-universal plotline of Goats with the Infinite Monkeys, Demon Fire, Programmers and Farmhands and especially the “Pub Axis” thingy has kept you thoroughly confused up until now: “Now everything makes sense.”

My admiration and respect for Randy “Sarcastically Positive” Milholland has gone up a couple of levels with his new ‘side-strip’ “SP1937”, featuring the mis-adventuring of The Guy Davan Was Named After. He has always had a great feel for his characters, but I could never get over the taste of his mix of spicy cynicism and bitter depressingness. But for the “70 Years Ago” parts, it feels so right… maybe because ’37 was in the middle of the GREAT Depression…

Am I gonna buy a “Tub of Happiness” as soon as it goes on pre-sale at 8AM Mountain Time Thursday Morning? Well, I’m not gonna get up early for it, but I’ll probably be an Early Adopter no matter what we learned from that iPhone thing.

And I’d like to come out in Official Disagreement with Toothpaste-For-Drew on this issue. Up your nose with a rubber hose.

The LESS said about how PvP Kurtz celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate Day” the better… Dang blasted lilly-livered land-lubber oughta swab the deck and walk the plank – twice.

I want to assume that “The Legion of the Darned Cats” is Diesel Stevens’ reference to the ORIGINAL “That Darn Cat” movie and NOT the crappy remake. If I find out otherwise, he’ll be in as much trouble as Toothpaste-For-Drew and PvP Kurtz. (No, I don’t know what’s gotten into me today)

No.. wait… I’ll tell you what’s bugging me. I’ve found ever since I started following “Sluggy Freelance”, every once in a while the jpeg of the comic gets munged… and it’s hard enough to follow the story when everything is readable. So when the last thing we saw in yesterday’s comic was the alien-demon-thingy Aylee having just taken human form and seemingly getting blown to smithereens… the last thing I wanted to see today was something like this…