I totally missed the Rally ‘Round Lea Hernandez Campaign becasue, well, frankly I haven’t been into the comics scene long enough to know her work and thought it would be rather presumptuous to jump on a charity bandwagon in the first week of my comic-blogging, OK? But I understand how awful it must be to lose your home, much of your original work AND several pets in a single tragic event. So, if you haven’t thrown a couple dollars her way, use the second link up there.

But another appeal has come up, and since the debut of the Blank Label Group was what really pulled me into the webcomics thing, and Wapsi Square was the second long-running webcomic I went back to read the archives from the beginning of (is my participle dangling?), I wanted to loudly express my support here (especially since it’ll be next week before I can free up a few dollars for a direct contribution). Wapsi creator Paul Taylor is the proud-but-concerned father of a brand new baby boy who isn’t bouncing very well yet, and, as with anything involving a lengthy hospitalization of anyone at any age, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, and all us Wapsifans don’t want it to be the arm with his drawing hand. All the Blank Labelators are contributing goodies to be auctioned off here (and when they say “Original Art”, they mean Original), or you can make a direct donation to the Little Eddie Taylor Fund via PayPal:


If this button doesn’t work (and I can be an interactive internet idjit sometimes), look for the same pic on the Wapsi Square homepage. Give ’til it feels good.