Graceful Dead

Okay, I have plenty of issues with the look of the new comic Ungrateful Dead (cut-n-paste figures, stiff poses, giant heads with spooky eyes), but I was pointed to it by Home On the Strange, a comic I got into much more for the writing than the artwork (but it’s gotten better), so I gave Ungrateful a chance. Started from the beginning. Liked the “all the horrors of flashbacks and none of the fun of the acid” line in the first comic. Suspended my disbelief on the ‘ghosts of dead rock legends’ premise. Forgave it when I didn’t recognize John Lennon’s ghost as quickly as Jimi Hendrix’s ghost. Then it won me over with this joke: 90% on the irreverence scale, 75% on the silly scale, and blended perfectly. And then, this one pinned both meters. A couple of the Freddie Mercury’s ghost jokes fell flat but this one saved it for me. (Although, once again, high levels of Suspension of Disbelief were required to deal with a rock star’s ghost being ‘comatose’). Now that the strip is dealing with the members of the band (not known-entity dead celebs but rock-and-roll ‘types’), here is where Wayne & Craig have their work cut out for them. Stay tuned.

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