“Imagine what would happen…

…if those people spent their energy supporting strips they actually LIKE.” And while you’re at it, “Imagine there’s no Heaven, it’s easy if you try…” It’s always semi-newsworthy when characters in a newspaper comic force open small cracks in the Fourth Wall and make references to the “Comic Strip Business”, and Retail, “the Dilbert for cash register jockeys” did it today.

Now, I wonder who he could be talking about who “read(s) the strips (they) DON’T like and make fun of them online”? Hmmmm? In all fairness to the Curmugeonly Josh (and I feel no NEED to be fair to him, but I will), his blog does go beyond just making fun. His recent analysis of the “Death of Lisa” storyline at Funky Winkerbean was excellent. And, it was certainly better than the analysis in Retail’s Norm Feuti’s own blog, especially since he says “I have to confess that I’ve never followed Funky Winkerbean.” (He also addresses the status of For Better Or For Worse, again admitting that he doesn’t follow it regularly, and therefore totally missing the current life-or-death drama in that supposedly semi-active strip)

And Norm’s own blog should not be confused with Cooper’s Retail Blog, which I addressed here before. Of course, having planted an URL in his comic before, Norm was obviously up to something when he highlighted “hateoncomics.com”, and sure enough, going there got you this message:

Sorry, no hating on comics here. But if you’d like to hate on things that are retail related, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the picture to the left to see the rest of Cooper’s Retail Blog.

There was only one problem. Clicking on the picture CRASHED MY FIREFOX BROWSER. Even using IE, it took forever to load.

Retail is solidly on my “B” list of daily comics… not great, but better than 90% of what’s in the papers AND on the web. And I have always supported giving the better webcomics some space in the newspapers… but now I wonder if it’s a good idea to let these ink-stained comickers onto the internet…

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