I guess I must confess that a diagnosed case of depression is one of the major reasons I haven’t updated the Paperless enough (or finished a redesign that I started MONTHS ago). Or I may just be using depression as an excuse for being a lazy bum. Still, this Questionable Content was something I could unquestionably relate to, but never having been ‘a drinker’, I wanted to excerpt the part most relevant to me:

I do agree that good diet and exercise often help me even more than the ‘happy pills’, but when other physical health issues keep me from exercising, it turns into a vicious cycle, and being stuck in front of the computer screen for long hours no longer insures that I’ll get anything done. Sigh.

But it’s the punchline that I can most relate to, because I was part of one of the clinical trials for “swift kick in the rear therapy” while I had to share a small apartment with my retired father for over a year. My results were inconclusive, but I suspect that I was part of the ‘control’ group, since, at his age, my dad’s kicks aren’t really all that swift.
Still, I was disappointed to hear the recent news that Pfizer had secured a patent for the Swift Kick™.
(It will be interesting to see if this post gets any reaction… I have my suspicions about the overlap between the psychopharmacologically savvy and webcomics fans)