It actually started on Friday with Diesel Sweeties’ Web Edition, doing a bunch of quick jokes under the title “Nine Sequiturs” and rstevens writing the words I never thought I’d ever see from a webcomicker: “(With apologies to Wiley)”. Sweeties demonstrated once again that it has one of the highest batting averages for ‘bringing the funny’ of any comic on/and/or/offline with such gems as “Never trust a box of condoms labeled ‘Family Pack'” and “I © Dead People (this message brought to you by lawyers representing he estate of the late M. Night Shayamalan in the year 2089)” and the one pictured here, a beyond-nerdy in-joke for writers of sci-fi-sit-coms.

Then Sunday came around and I began to wonder about rstevens’ pledge to try to do ‘family-friendly’ material for the papers (wouldn’t you love to be a parent being asked by their kid “what does he mean by THAT?”)

You see, the tattoo is in an embarrassing place, and he sees it every day, so it can’t be his behind…

But it’s a couple of the oft-ridiculed old-guard that are the strangest things to show on Sunday… First, the second generation of Harts damage their fourth cave wall by finally admitting that there are other pop culture cave folk:

And this Family Circus might be better titled “Family Recursion”:

Another quote I never expected to see: “That’s nothing we’d ever use in Family Circus” IN a Family Circus cartoon.