One of the classics, having started in the San Francisco Chronicle almost 100 years ago. MUTT AND JEFF has became part of our cultural vocabulary and the strip continues to attract audiences around the world who appreciate clean, straightforward humor that doesn’t depend on local cultural awareness.

In other words, these are very very old comic strips that the syndicator hopes won’t be seen as dated. Of course, the Steve Brodie referred to in this strip, republished Sept. 21, 2006, made his famous jump from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886 (although there was a Bugs Bunny cartoon about it in 1949).

NORTH KOREAN? And get a load of the pseudo-oriental comic-strip-swearing the Korean is doing… Then this particular strip must be less than 60 years old (North Korea did not exist before 1945).

Interestingly, “The Classic Mutt and Jeff” is credited to and copyrighted by Pierre S. DeBeaumont while the strips also show the signature of its creator Bud Fisher, but from 1932 on, it was drawn by Fisher’s assistant Al Smith (kind of a one-man Paws Inc.?). Anyway, I think the “local cultural awareness” totally got away from the strip recyclers that day.