From time to time, I shall pause from Blogging about Comics and just sit back and show some comics about Blogs. Let’s face it, when a word as silly-sounding as “Blog” enters the common vernacular, it’s an easy target for webcomics and krispy kleenex komix alike.

So let’s see how those masters of punsmanship (or is that pun-upsmanship?) Frank and Ernest handle the Blog:

Just the kind of quality wordplay that F&E do more often than most people realize.

Blogosphere! How Web 2.0 of the cartoon bums!

Oh, another Multi-Punday Sunday from the boys… but a rather unimpressive finish.

Surprisingly, I could find only one blog-centric Dilbert strip (especially since Scott Adams is himself blogging):
Which isn’t really all that blog-centric after all. And you know when Generic Ted is the center of a joke, Scott Adams really isn’t very interested.
Next time, some webcomic blogginess…