Disclaimer: I have not yet had the opportunity to go back through all the archives of many of the Generally Agreed-Upon Great Webcomics (which makes me as totally unqualified to do a Blog About Webcomics as most of the political bloggers are totally unqualified to do Blogs About Politics; so Welcome to the Blogosphere). And one of those is John Allison’s Scary Go Round, so I am generally clueless as to what the Scareodeleria subset of comics is really all about, but I don’t care.

scaryvillage.jpgAll I know is while taking a mid-cliffhanger (Erin drank the wrong pink liquid!) break, he’s filling the time with a previously dead-tree-only story that starts with “incompetent secret agent” Fallon Young in that classic Home for Retired Spies, ‘The Village’ and now known as Number 497. Scary Go Round meets “The Prisoner”: for a selective Anglophile* like myself, those are two great tastes that taste great together.

Of course that’s one of the cool things about Great Britain: when one of their spies quit, they get put away into a seaside resort guarded by a big balloon; when a U.S. spy quits, he gets put in a job in the World Trade Center right before 9/11. But I digress.

Meanwhile, I’m kind of disappointed in Jeffrey Rowland’s reaction to the DDOS (stands for Die! Die! OverCompensating Sucka!) attack on his site this last weekend. I was really really looking forward to a wickedly funny strip on the subject. So what does he do as his next strip? The Pipettes. THE PIPETTES?!? And he’s telling all his readers to change their bookmarks to overcompensating.com. It still sounds like UNDERcompensating to me.
baby-pipettes.jpg I repeat. THE PIPETTES?!?

And over in SchlockLand, Master-Storyteller-In-Training Howard Tayler took a break from his extended flashback to use his large-format Sunday comic to – gulp – confirm that – ohmy – Kevyn’s dead. And in the process prove that, while Tagon’s Toughs may have lost it’s smartest member, there will never be a shortage of crew capable of saying something funny-stupid. But what’s with the Bathroom humor? Before the flash-forward, five straight gags about the new bodyarmor’s catheter issues: “You have to take the helmet off in order to pee”, “That depends on whether anybody’s shooting at you when you want to pee”, “I won’t mention the stock catheters”, “Now I don’t need to pee EVER AGAIN” and “One incident of diaper rash, one boot full of urine and three cases of ‘shy in front of the doctor'” “Bring ’em in for drinks, R&R and maybe a few psych examinations”. Then on Monday we go back to meet the Captain of the Superfreighter Levelhead to discover the story behind its name…

Maybe after the previous Sunday comic, Howard just had a little much Ovalquik:

In other interesting plot-like developments, Ray Smuckles has collected enough embarassing ‘dirt’ on Bensington Butters to get him kicked out of any club (or promoted in the White House) and we are about to learn what Hastings Kilgore did to get banned from the Catholic Church (okay, I have a list here of things it wasn’t…). Oh, and Katarakis is about to attempt to exterminate the Cirbozoids. Can’t forget that. Seems like everybody’s had their Drama Tags pulled recently.

*Selective Anglophile: I love Doctor Who and the Beatles, I hate Benny Hill and the Spice Girls, and I know Austin Powers is really Canadian.