You Got My Goats

Thanks for the link, Jon. You singlehandedly jumpstarted the traffic to this little blog and forced me to add “update Funny Paperless regularly” to my list of New Year Resolutions.

So, based on the evidence so far, what are the chances that, a few minutes after Jay Leno stumbles his way through his first writerless “Tonight Show”, the next “Goats” comic starts with a panel that looks like this…

Of course, there would be some good things about a ‘total reboot’, like the return to the original coloring of Jon, Phillip, Toothgnip and Alien Bob, and removing Oliver from the Body of Khan (which I always considered a very bad fashion statement). But, still, it would be nice if some of the characters introduced in the last two years could have a continued life in a new Manhattan (would it be “4” now?). And not just Brock Stalkley, although I do own his t-shirt, but when you have talking chicken, goats and goldfish, why can’t a talking broccoli open up an independent coffee shop between two Starbucks locations? And Farmella… she could provide a decidedly non-New York POV and she and Phillip could double-date with Jon and Megan. Then there are the biker/bodyguards Carl and Roger, who could sit at the opposite end of the bar at the Pecuiler as a funhouse-mirror-image Jon and Phillip. And One Death… yeah, he’ll be back. But please lose Fish’s alter ego Fineas, Woody Allen, the monkeys, Alfred the bartender (he’s nice, but he’d never make it working at the Peculier), the Pangean Liberation Army and the Corndogs.

Still, after the multiverse-rending events of recent times, you have to wonder what Mr. Rosenberg could possibly do for an encore. Maybe a 2008 Presidential Campaign theme? No, with the Electoral College the way it is, having anybody campaigning in New York is too far-fetched, even for Goats. A crossover with Octopus Pie? Eve Ning meeting Toothgnip would only result in total destruction and another reboot. Maybe something involving Facebook or Google, or a time-travel arc which starts with the guys meeting a nerdy japanese fellow… yeah, I know, totally unoriginal. That’s why I’m not doing a webcomic myself. You know what they say in the 2.0 world. “Those who can’t do, blog.”

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