So, What Have We Learned from the Comics This Week?

Well, I was wrong. No reboot. in fact, months after everything blows up real good, webcomic character Jon Rosenberg is locked in his office, Fish is even more despondent than usual, no sign of Phillip or anyone else emerging from a Portal in the men’s room, and we are introduced to the first new characters of the new storyline, two Xibalba Consulting employees, one an Ancient Aztec (don’t know if he’s a programmer) and the other apparently somebody they hired away from Monsters Inc. drdratt.gifWhich raises the possibility for another interesting crossover, since Evil Inc. has just lost an employee, the previously unheralded Dr. Dratt to a “more attractive offer”. Hey, where else could he be going? News Corp? (Dang it, I think Friday’s strip already gave it away…) Well, I didn’t know if a Dumbrella comic and a Half-Pixel comic could work together anyway; but webcomic creator Jon Rosenberg must know Scott Kurtz if webcomic character Jon Rosenberg “survives on a diet of caffeinated panda blood“. Anyway, I’m not going to say another word about Goats.

Except that the megaGAMERZ 3l33t New Years Resolutions comic was probably the funniest thing about resolutions that I’ve seen in the funnies, web or paper, this year. Which is not saying much. Because there have been so many newspaper comics doing variations on the same three or four jokes about New Years Resolutions. And they are all so painfully lame that I was considering doing a post summarizing them, but realized I could not do it without becoming The Comics Curmudgeon. And I simply can’t afford the surgery.

One topic that the funnies are handling even more badly than New Year’s Resolutions is the Writer’s Strike. Get Fuzzy started out with a solid bit of inside jokery…
…but went downhill immediately.
And the introduction of Bucky’s “editor” was a non-stop-ticket to obviousville…
getfuzzy071229.gif and getfuzzy080102.gif

Kevin and Kell took its usual l-o-n-g s-t-r-e-t-c-h to come up with an animal-society version of a human-society situation, but delivered some chuckles: “Subsidiary usage = leftovers”, “how long it’s been since the last contract”, and what happens when the animal negotiators lock themselves in to work out a resolution? Yes, that one’s obvious.

Questionable Content truly lives up to it name, as Marten gets way too much pertinent data about his girlfriend’s father, his girlfriend and his mother. I have never laughed harder at the words “PLEASE don’t finish that sentence.” But he still has the semblance of mind to give as good as he gets. I have never laughed harder at the words “washing your hands.”

After all that, this quote from Count Your Sheep sounds absolutely filthy: “Some parts are meant to stay that way.”

Also from the department of fun with words: “Flipping Off In Progress”“The first step to recovery is to admit you have a… (…thing…)” “Sounds like a medical problem.” “Fear of Change.” “Random Slides.” “…Since Somebody Reset This Sign.” “The professionals have left the building.” “Suddenly, I’m afraid to turn around.” “Telling me to calm down won’t calm me down!”

Scary-Go-Round’s Ryan Beckwith must be a member of the WGA, because he has grown a far better Strike Beard than Dave, Conan or me.

More proof that I am an idiot. When Starslip Crisis made a quick scene change to Ganymede Zoological Station, I actually wondered “what is Kris going to do there?” The obvious answer: JINXLETS! If this were a TV series, I’d have seen the marketing tie-in a mile away.

The Order of the Stick once again takes the concept of the “infinite canvas” to a most painful extreme. And this is one of those times with the strip that I wish I knew something – anything – about RPGs, but even in my ignorance, am enjoying the show.

Semi-private Note to Danielle Corsetto: (as well as .net and .org) IS still available. For the moment.

Finally (for the moment), the new penguin-centric comic (as if we needed another one) Arctic Circle shows how even cartoonists can get “blog envy”…

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