When the creator of The New Adventures of Queen Victoria staged a “name the offensive teddy bear” contest, well, you knew who had to be front and center…
Of course, that wasn’t my only suggestion:

Bear Genitalia

Ho-Ho the Nappy Headed Bear (it was a good year for Imus-related offensiveness)

(for anti-fans of Tickle Me Elmo) Waterboard Me Allah

Melt-The-Arctic-And-Kill-All-The-Polar-Bears-So-I-Can-Move-North Brown Bear

The Saw 4 Official Movie Bear with Detachable Limbs and Blood

and Wondermark, The Clip-Art Comic Much Funnier than Queen Victoria Bear (which I included just to offend Pab Sungenis personally to which he replied “Actually, that’s not that unreasonable a statement. I happen to think Wondermark is very funny.” Some people are just no fun to bait. Coincidentally, so are some bears.)