Wait a minute… is this Beetle Bailey… actually doing Army Humor?

And I know it’s not the most widely known net cliche, but is Marmaduke’s writer familiar with Ceiling Cat?
Ceiling Marmaduke is watching you…

There is a very special breed of nerd… the Babylon 5 nerd…

And now, the last last last word on “Snakes on a Plane”. “The Quigmans” gets in one last shot with a pretty good juxtopositioning with the new airline carry-on restrictions:
cut off caption: “Well, you’re the one who told us we had to get rid of all our liquids.”

Ignore the fact that there’s no way anybody’s going to make a sequel:

And finally “6 Chix” uses the “snakes” cliche to attack a very deserving target:
After this, any comic using “Snakes on a Plane” jokes gets Samuel L. Jackson’s personal can of whoop-ass opened on them.