Sorry for the long period of silence; I was promising myself to FIRST re-do the backend of this blog before I started posting again, but that’s not gonna happen for a while. I was particularly shamed when John ‘interrobang’ Ralston made a comment that got stuck in the moderation cue with the spammy bits, especially since, I have a half-finished post about his wonderful recently-concluded (but less recent every day) A Year in Comics project.

But I just discovered something potentially scandalous involving a major newspaper comic… One of my compadres at MetaChat brought to my attention an excellent new “random-style” webcomic called Truck Bearing Kibble. I laughed. I did not cry. I wished I could draw one-tenth as well. I perused the archive and when I got to November 8th (three months ago) I saw this…
(Usually if a comic has a long-term archive, I just link to it rather than copy it, but this time I need to show the visual evidence)
Okay, nice gag, but I knew I had seen it before and very recently. Sure enough, Mother Goose and Grimm for February 5th (three days ago) (and syndicated by the web-unfriendly King Features) had this…
Okay, the hinge is at a different place in the Easter Island head (I liked Truck Bearing Kibble’s location better), but otherwise, it’s the same gag. Now, Grimmy was published three months later, which is plenty of time, even with the newspaper syndicate lead times, for Mike Peters to have seen or heard of the gag before he used it. Maybe he bought the joke from a less-than-scrupulous gag-writer, or had it suggested to him by someone who didn’t make clear it was a cartoon that was up on the web. Whatever, I believe an injustice has been done to Jeremy Kramer & Eric Vaughn (unless it turns out Kramer & Vaughn sold him the joke).

Grimmy is eating the Kibble!!!