Thus Begin the Webcomic Grapefruit Wars

I knew that sooner or later, the backlash to xkcd would begin, but I never expected it would start over…. citrus fruit.

But then, I never suspected Randall Munroe to be a fruitfucker… (Webcomics’ Original Fruit Fucker here)

R. Stevens, that old Diesel Sweetie, is the first to respond….

Then, a Redditor adds another dimension (or two) to the controversy… (He says… “Um… the grapefruit drew it. I just uploaded it for him.” and “Please also keep in mind that the grapefruit has an axe to grind.”) And in the ensuing argument on Reddit, another view arises.

Best comment: “I love how the most controversial webcomic ever posted on reddit was a ranking of fruit.”

More to come… (let’s face it, even I can make an X/Y chart)

UPDATE: A very well-interfaced polling device has been put online for your fruit opinions…Vote for the fruit of your choice… but vote!

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