STOP THE PRESSES… or the modems, whatever.

After all these years of upholding the traditions of Ozzie Nelson, Ward Cleaver and the other old-school family sitcom dads who never gave a clue what they did for a living we finally learn today that Ted Forth does…


Strategic Sourcing!!!

Is there a job title the Evil Genius Francesco Marciuliano (who has done some subtly wonderful things with the post-feminist comic strip since inheriting it years ago) could have chosen that would be more buzz-word-o-matic?

Of course, in his blog, ‘Cesco had teased us with several mostly-unlikely career choices:

A Renegade Cop Who Plays by His Own Rules
NASCAR Pit Crew Member
Pastry Chef
Mob Accountant
Gay Porn Star
Gas Station Attendant
or Lion Tamer (“Not the face! Not the face!!!”)

His blog also recently included a better summing-up/taking-down of the intensely unfunny Mallard Fillmore than I could do.

In other dead-tree comics, this seems to be a “let’s see how odd we can be on the day of the week the least people are reading” Saturday.

The post-Johnny-Hart B.C. has gone totally off-planet (for, I believe, the first time)


And, maybe I just failed to notice before, but is this the first time in all these years Mom in Baby Blues has been depicted breast-feeding?
EDIT: shona in comments assures me that, yes, I have forgotten a lot of breast-feeding in Baby Blues. D’oh. In my defense, I’m trying to follow a couple hundred comics, and I never have been a cartoon breast man.


And is Satchel actually successfully pranking Bucky in today’s Get Fuzzy?


The usually easy to ignore Fusco Brothers hit an all new high in WTF?-ness


Ol’ Wiley Miller of the Non Sequitur, who has expressed his disdain for things internetish on more than one occassion, manages a blog-related toon that works for me…


And today’s Bizzaro didn’t break any new ground, but it was funny, even though it would have been better if it were published before the CourtTV channel had changed its name to TruTV.


Now we know who hasn’t been channel surfing.

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