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Finally, I resume updating the ol’ FP (as almost nobody refers to it), and for extra bonus Webcomic wannabe effect, I’m using ComicPress and adding my own “comic highlight montage” to the Daily Comic Surf, which, hopefully will be something close to Daily. More about that in an upcoming “Below the Fold” piece (down there). But now, what have these wacky comickers been up to while I’ve been gone?

In Little Dee’s universe, Vachel the Vulture is engaging in a rap battle in the Furtovian Library, decked out in an “Anarchist Librarian” hoodie that Chris Baldwin is threatening to bring to market. I can see that being worn by certain characters in Unshelved, not to mention QC’s lesbian librarian (two words that go together TOO DAMN WELL). Speaking of the Questionable comic, it seems as if everybody has been taking turns freaking out the neurotic-compulsive-obsessive Hannelore. Just a heads-up, Jeph: that is NOT the kind of gag that never gets old – it quite hasn’t worn out its welcome yet but it’s getting there. (Uh oh, I’m addressing a critique TO the cartoonist. Kurtz is gonna hate me for that.) Anyway, I think he’ll be nicer to that particular character since he has seen her real-life doppelganger.

In other Reliable Character News, LICD’s self-centered, insensitive, irresponsible, misogynistic, offensive but still loveable (as long as he wears a condom) Raine Summers has exposed his most shocking personality trait yet… He’s a Trekkie.

And another cute animal has joined the cast of Sinfest, as the cute-as-a-button Little Demon has conjured up an adorable little Hellhound… or Hellpuppy. Too bad Hellboy never had a pet. I just hope Hellpuppy survives the current storyline to become a regular.

It’s nice to Francesco Marciuliano resuming his Medium Large comic, with the extra bonus of doing “vacation fill-in” for Dan Piraro’s long-running krispy kleenex-based Bizarro. But still, I’d be even more tickled if someday, as part of Ces’ day job writing Sally Forth, we hear Ted Forth talking about “violating a manatee”. Speaking of violating a manatee, I thought this comic would implode under the weight of its limited premise about 2 weeks after it debuted. Now, almost six months later, it’s still two weeks away from implosion. I should have known that manatees are not capable of Jumping the Shark.

And as long as I’m dealing with therapeutic dosages of cute, this IS what the Olympics are all about. Much more (hopefully) tomorrow.

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